Logo Maker History

The word logo is an abbreviation of the word logotype which came from the Greek word logos which means word and the word typos which means imprint. It is mark on a graphic form, an emblem or a symbol used commonly by many commercial enterprises, by organizations and plenty of individuals to aid and help promote public recognition instantly. Logos might be purely graphic or composed of said name of said organizations. 
Plenty of inventions and a bunch of techniques were contributed to create a contemporary logo, which includes cylinder seals, silver hallmarks, coins and many more. Until such time that it reached the development of the so called printing technology. An invention that lead to the modern days very own logo maker.
When industrial revolution converted the western societies from the agrarian to the industrial in late 18th and the 19th century, the photography and the lithography has contributed to the big boom of the advertising industry that has integrated typography and the imagery together on one page. These features can also be found on the modern day logo maker.
In these modern days, logo isn’t just made by just a simple printing machine. Today, logo maker of the modern times are also a programming language that has been designed in the early 1967 by Daniel G. Bobrow, Cynthia Solomon, Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert. Nowadays, this language used by the logo maker is mainly remembered by its use of the “turtle graphics”. Wherein the commands for the movement and the drawing has produced graphic lines either on the screen or with a robot called turtle.
The Logo is also known as interpreted language, though recently there were new developed Logo dialects. Logo wasn’t case sensitive but it retains the case it used in formatting. It was a compromise between the sequential programming, which have block structures, and the functional programming.
Most logos are known to be 2D, but Elica interpreter was notable for its supporting 3D graphics. Most logo maker with logo implementations were interpreted, though some compilers were built by same author as the Elica. Even if most often they were used in graphics, logo can also control robots. It was being interfaced with the Lego bricks. Though Lego decided to use other language in commercial in the later days for the Lego Mindstorms products. There is also an interface for cricket robots.
The arts of the logo maker has been expanding on purpose. From its expression and the decoration of the artistic and storytelling nature, till the differentiation of the brands and the products of the world’s growing middle class, that they have been consuming. Consultancies and the trade-groups of the commercial arts has been growing and being organized. By 1890’s, the US has built 700 printing firms of lithographic that has employed up to 8,000 people and more.
The era of logo designing started on the early 1870’s, where the first abstract logo was made, which I the Bass red triangle. Many companies, products, brands and many more, use this signs or emblem so that they can be recognized even without knowing the companies name. So to those of you who are thinking of a new product or trying to start a company, start creating your very own logo using a logo maker which is a few clicks away.