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By using this tool, the icon creator, you agree that you have read and accepted font awesome & our terms and conditions

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Start using our Font Awesome Icons to create icon in 2 minutes:

1. Select your icon image. 

2. Select border and shadow style. 

3. Select your Icon size. 

4. Select colors. 

5. Your Icon is ready. Copy your icon html code from the icon creator. 


This free Icon Maker is an HTML5, Bootstrap Icon generator, designed by Simbla Cloud CRM, for the benefit of the web designers and development community. We offer you a free access to use this Font Awesome Icons, with This tool enables you to create high quality and well designed icons within minutes. First, choose your desired icon from the list (table). Then, customize your style: size, color, border and shadow. You may also link your icon to a preferred URL. Finally, Copy your HTML code from the bottom and embed it to your website. That’s it! You are good to go!

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Icon generator terms and conditions:
We offer you free access to this icon creator tool: you may use it to generate beautiful bootstrap icons to embed in your own website, your customers website (commercial use) and templates (for resell, if you provide such a service). However, this tool, the icon generator is the intellectual property of Simbla- you may not copy, reproduce or modify this code without our permission. Moreover, you cannot make a commercial use of Simbla Icon Tool, hence, If you will charge users with a fee to access this tool, you should know that you are infringing the terms of use and we are entitled to a compensation by you.
Using Simbla free Bootstrap Icon maker is subjected to accepting Simbla terms of use and Fontawesome free lisence terms. (available at: Simbla's full terms | Fontawesome full terms). Simbla will not be liable for breach of Fontawesome terms. Violation of Fontawesome lisence are on your responsibility only. By using Simbla free Icon Maker, I agree that I understand the above conditions and that I have read the terms and conditions of both Simbla and FontAwesome.
Simbla may change this terms of use from time to time.

DIY: making Font Awesome Icons yourself has never been that easy. Use this Icon creator and start creating icons in seconds

What Is Font Awesome ?

Everybody is apparently a bit obsessed with cool icons. Anyone who does a front end advancement has an icon set they could go to for adding them. Font Awesome is among the icon sets out there that is used in Bootstrap websites. They offer a simple way of implementing them. But that's what makes this set. Meaning, there are plenty of other locations beyond web sites that you may use these icons. If you want to use Font Awesomes icon everywhere including your desktop, it simple to implement them. In case youwant to seem like you may know something about this, such as me, and design expertise, this may help you out! - Installing Font Awesome as a Font - you will have to download the Font Awesome kit you wish to start using these icon in endeavors.