Page Icon

Create page icon easily with our cool icon maker in 4 steps:

1. Pick your icon.

2. Select border and shadows.

3. Select colors.

4. Copy your page icon html code. 

Page Icon maker allows the user to create and edit an icon file. Files like .ico in extension name and many other small multiple sized images and color depths are the one that you can edit. In creating an icon, you can usually replace your system and program icons, favorite icons and all matters that concerns icons.

In using this software, it will require you to use icon maker software. Icons are usually saved in 32 x 32 pixel 256 – color with .ico extension name. Sometimes 48 x 48 pixels, 64 x 64 pixels, or 128 x 128 pixels are being used. Favicons (short term for favorite icons) is also saved in 16 x 16 pixels 256 – color .ico extension name. It is best if you make your icons in full color but considering the favicons they are needed to be saved in 256 – color format. Do not recklessly save your icon in any website because some website uses different platforms. Your icon will not be viewed or seen in cases like that.

Features of Icon Maker

• You can edit and create icons in either custom size or standard size with the color depth for up to more than 15 million colors.

• Edit packed with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

• 32 bit depth color for creating and editing a Windows XP icons having 8-bit alpha channel

• Painting icon images using brush, ellipse, pen, line, tools, rectangle and curves.

• Shifting, rolling and rotating images.

• Import and Export of files such as .png. .ico, .xpm, .ng or bas 64, .icpr, and .xbm

• Making page icons for a Mas OS Leopard

• Sorting out of images inside the icons

• Copying and Pasting of images with other applications

• Pasting and copying in the clipboard of the color values

• Testing of the icons

Things to Consider in Choosing an page Icon Maker Application

You should have at least an idea on how icon maker works before choosing the right application. By doing so, you can save both your time and money. Be careful in choosing an application because some will not give you a desirable result. It may include blurring, softening, darkening of images and all other unwanted outcome and it is due to the filtering functions.

You can get free icon maker application online. This can be downloaded without paying any amount of money. This software falls under the category of freeware. By having this free software, you can take advantage of using this software in your home and spend learning about it all day. If you manage to create a good looking icon, it is better to post in online and sell it. Yes, you can make money out of it.

If you have decided to create or edit an icon in your computer or website, you should highly consider to understand even the tiniest detail about the software. It will let you become more independent and a high possibility success in icon making. You may never know, started just a hobby then suddenly turned into a full time career. Work with it as much as possible in order for you to create the best ones.