Flow Icon

Create flow icon easily with our cool icon maker in 4 steps:

1. Pick your icon.

2. Select border and shadows.

3. Select colors.

4. Copy your flow icon html code. 

Icon in the world of modern technology and computers can be defined as a pictogram which can be seen or displayed most particularly on the screen of computers for a purpose of helping the user to navigate a mobile device or a computer system. The icon itself is a small symbol or picture that serves as a quick and intuitive representation of any software tool. It serves as a function or a data file, which is accessible on the system. It also functions as an electronic file shortcut or hyperlink in order to access the data or program.

An icon maker helps in creating an icon. Listed below are the various characteristics on an icon maker:

• This software is an all-in-one easy-to-use flow icon that helps in flow icon making, changing, extracting, exploring, editing and searching.

• With the use of Icon Maker, it will be easier for to edit your unique and professional icons as quickly and easily as it is with the use of its built-in editor.

• Icon Maker also allows you to edit an opaque or transparent icon.

• The sizes may be 16 by 16, 32 by 32, 48 by 48, and 64 by 64 or you can custom it the way you want it to be.

• It has most of basic image editor type settings such as the pen, eclipse, text, fill, rect, selections, etc. and also includes gradient eclipse and gradient rectangles.

• It also has a mild support for custom brushes and type of plugins.

• The Drag and Drop features is supported as well as the bmp, jpeg or gif or to icon conversion.

• It can load language packs for non-English reading personnel

• It Support Vista Compatible and Windows Me/2003/2007/2000/ XP.

• Fast, small and easy-to-use

• Its Filters functions can allow you processing the icon having a special effects such as Blues, blur, soften, lighten, darken, Brighten, Color Swap (GBR, BRG,RGB, GRB,) ,Glass, Diffuse, emboss, lighten, Plaid, and many more.

• It has a License key that last for a long time.

Making an icon through an icon maker can be used in different application depending on the icon type you use. These icons can be applied on:

• Avatars or Display Pictures

If you prefer to make an avatar or a Display Picture, well then it can be used almost anywhere Like in MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger, Google Talk and ICQ. You can use them on various types of social networking and profiles like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.

• Static Emoticon (small)

• This is considered as smallest icon offered within the online icon maker. Generally the icon will appear to be too small to display clearly, but one thing is that it is good for text and smileys. A small emoticons size plays around 19x19 pixels and is mostly used in Live or MSN Messenger. They can be used anywhere else and they work well also as forum emoticons.

• Animated Emoticon (big)

These are the biggest emoticons available; they are commonly used in MSN and Windows Live Messenger. When you made an icon, you can just simply add it to Messenger including the rest of your Smileys Emoticons. It is compatible with MSN Messenger 7.0 or newer.

• Buddy Icons

AIM icons are compatibly used to be as Buddy Icons in AOL Instant Messenger, but it can also used anywhere else. Remember that once you create a buddy icon which is non-animated it will expect not efficiently work as your emoticon especially in Live/MSN Messenger.

Having this icon maker with you is one thing that computer related enthusiast wanted to have. For a simple reason that they want to add additional spices on their computers and also for them to learn new thing that can improve their skills most especially in the field of their expertise.