Icon Maker – Where Should I Use It?  

Icon Maker allows you to create your own icons through following simple steps. Through the use of this software, you would be able to develop customized or new icons that will beautify your desktop. If the icons your desktops are already old, you can make use of your favourite images to create new one. But the questions, where should we use icons? This will all be dependent upon the type of icon you chose. 

If you want to know where you should use the icons you have created, be guided with the following guidelines: 

  • Animated Emoticon– The animate emoticons are considered as the biggest one and you can use it in Windows and MSN Live Messenger. After creating the icons, you can simply add it on your Messenger along with the other Smileys and Emoticons. It all works with the newest Messenger or even with the MSN Messenger 7.0.
  • Display Pictures or Avatars– If you have chosen the Display Picture or Avatars, you can use it anywhere you want to. You can use it on your Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk however make sure that you will not use it in AIM. Moreover, you can also use these icons for your profiles and for social networking (Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, and other). Everyone knows that creating icons for your MySpace is not that easy and so, you can use Display Pictures or Avatars.
  • Static Emoticon – These are the small versions of emoticons. This is considered as the smallest icon size available in the online icon maker. Despite of the fact that these are only small icons however you can effectively use it for smileys and texts. These emoticons are believed to be 19x19 pixels and mostly used in Live Messenger and or MSN.  
  • Buddy Icons – The AIM icons are designed to be used as Buddy Icons especially for AOL Messenger however it can also be used anywhere. Remember that once you have created non-animated buddy icons, it will not work effectively as an emoticon in Live Messenger or MSN, so be careful when creating or using it. 
Icons can be used anywhere but make sure that you will first identify the type of icons you have. Icon maker allows you to create icons with different sizes and designs so upon creating, editing, cropping or changing icons, identify also its purpose. Where will you use these icons? Do these icons match with its purpose? If yes, then you can continue creating as many icons as you can. By means of identifying first its purpose prior to the creation process, it would be easier for you to use them and your efforts will not be wasted then.  

Icon maker software comes with various features such as convert your favourite images to icons, create icons out of scratch, supports different image formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and others, save icons into different standard size and more. You will surely be amazed how great it is.