How to Use the Icon Maker

Icon Maker is an application where you can create a multi-layered and high quality icons. It also enable you to have it with full-transparency. You will be able to create an icon from your own pictures and photos. It really sounds amazing but never sounds easy. So how can we use the Icon Maker to make your own Icon?
It is never easy making an icon, but it is always easy using the Icon Maker. You will have to select your preferred pictures, whether it is your self-picture or your favorite picture. As you have decided on your picture, you will need to browse it from an application. To browse, you will see a Browse button, it will redirect you to your computer, and you will then select your preferred picture. You will have options of what type of icon you want to make.
If you are confused of where can they be useful, there are some guidelines that will help you decide your icon type. If you are going to make a Display Picture or Avatar, you can use it in almost anywhere. There is the famous Facebook and Twitter. You can mostly use them in messengers because it requires a small icon. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Live Messenger are some of those. If you are a gamer, you can use it in Garena and forums on online games. MySpace Icon is never easy to make so it will be a big help.
Icons can also be used as Emoticons. There are small Emoticons and there are big ones. The small one is called Static Emoticons. They can be used in text messages and as smileys. It is cute and very unique to make your own emoticons. They can also be used in chat in Facebook and especially in MSN or Live Messenger. Big Emoticons is the Animated Emoticons which you can only find in messengers. You will be able to make your own custom sets of Animated Emoticons using the Icon Maker.
If you are still not able to categorize of where you can use your personalized icon, you can select whatever that comes first on your mind. You can change the type of your icon later. You will see your picture in section 2. On top of it, you will see a selection tool and what you will see in the square will be shown in the icon you make. Icons will always be in square so outside the square’s area, will not be included in your icon. But you can resize it by pulling the corner of the square. You can move the square to center out the picture in your icon. Finally, after the easy procedures, you can check your icon in the Preview box. If you are satisfied of what it looked like, you can then really create it by clicking the Make Icon button and save it. You can save your created icon in your computer. You can also go back and edit your icon by clicking the Close button. Icon Maker is as easy as that to make your own personalized icon