Icon maker

Do you ever wanted and desired to create your own identifiable icon through your photo? In this modern life, it is now very convenient and accessible to construct and generate personal and private icon or portrait your own image. But to be an icon maker is not always or not all the times easier and stress free. Sometimes or from time to time, you must follow or keep your eyes on the guidelines and procedure so that you avoid confusion and misperception. Actually it gives and provides you a clarity and precision to be a great and extraordinary icon maker. Furthermore, you can create and build an icon free online using and by means of the following steps below.
•    The first procedure is, you must do or prepare and organize it to choose and select your favorite and preferred picture or photo of you. Find the browser button in your computer then click it to select your photo properly and accurately. It is very convenient because it is very easy and fast processing.
•    The second step is for you to decide and pick what type and kind of icon you want to create or make. It is also stress free undertaking such procedure. It is because; there are so many and numerous choices of icons to choose from. These selections and preferences are highly appreciated, valued and respected by all the people. It means while you are choosing your own icon, you are also enjoying seeing these preferences and selections in your website or desktop. In fact, you can transform your icon if you want to change or modify it but be aware and mindful enough in choosing your icon because it is the representation and illustration of your image and your personality.
•    In section or unit two, you can already see your icon with options on it. The option on the uppermost part is an essential type of tool. Then, those things that are shown inside the square will display on your icon. On the other hand, the things that are not shown outside or separate from the square will not be presented in your icon. In using the icon maker, the square is available or accessible to move it out. By means of dragging, can already move it out. You can also transform or modify the size of the square by means of pulling into the angles of your computer.
•    You can now finally view the icons you made in the icon maker software. You can view the appearance of your icon through clicking on the button “Preview”. Then in order for you to create another icon, just click or pick the button “make icon” then you can finally save it.

After following these steps, you can now already save the icon in your computer. You can use and practice it wherever you go. But if you are no longer satisfied or happy anymore in your creation, just click the close and you can already go back to create another icon of your choice.  Through icon maker software, you can upload several pictures and create another icon of yourself while enjoying it.