Icons Available in the Icon Maker

Icon maker allows you to create your own icon for your computer. The icon that you have created can be used in various ways but it greatly depends on the size of the icon you choose. There are lots of icons to choose from so the type of icon you want will vary on your purpose. Icons will not only improve the appearance of your computer but it will also enable you to develop your skills in creating an icon that fits best to your computer.  
Some of the icons that you can choose from are listed below. These icons are created for various uses and purposes:
• Display Avatars or Picture
If you will prefer Display Avatar or Picture, you can use it anywhere. You can use this icon on Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk. These icons can be used for profiles like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, etc. as well as on various social networking sites. Creating an icon for MySpace is never easy but since there is an icon maker app, the process is a little bit easier. These icons are efficiently working on boards and forums and serves as avatar.
• Buddy Icons
The AIM Icons are designed for Buddy Icons especially in the AOL Instant Messenger however this can also be used on others. Make sure that you will create an animated Buddy Icon because if not, the icon cannot be used as emoticon in Live/MSN Messenger.
• Animated Emoticon
If you prefer to make use of bigger emoticon, you can choose the Animated Emoticons. These emoticons are considered the biggest emoticons which are available in the Icon maker app. You can use these emoticons in Windows and MSN Live Messenger. If you have already created your icon, you can just simply add it on your Messenger together with Smileys and Emoticons. It efficiently work on MSN Messenger 7.0 and newer
• Static Emoticon
Also, if you like small icon, Static Emoticon is considered as the smallest icons available in the icon maker. Although these emoticons are too small to be used to display clearly, it is then great for smileys and text. The small emoticons have 19 by 19 pixels and these are mostly used in Live or MSN Messenger. It can also be used in other ways wherein it greatly works especially when used as forum emoticon.
These are the emoticons that you can use in creating an icon in the icon maker. These emoticons are created different and so it can also be used differently. When creating an icon, before you choose either animated or static emoticon, make sure that you clearly know where it works and you know your purpose of using that emoticon. Your computer will look more appealing and organized if the icons used are suitable for it. Also, if you want to share the icons that you have created, you easily do it. You can share it with your friends and others. Sharing your icons is very helpful especially for those who are spending their time in creating an icon.