What is Icon maker?

An icon maker provides an all in one icon utility icon used for editing, making, exploring, changing, extracting and searching. This software allows you to edit and change your own unique and professional icon easily, essentially and quickly, as fast as you want and as eagerly as you do it with no time limit but an extra ordinary experience when it comes to icon making.  
This software will enable you to edit an opaque or transparent icon. The size may differ depending on your own style and on what size you like it to be, you can customize it the way you want it to look like. You can use shape, colors and can also load language packs to your non-English reading friends. It has basic editor type setting like fill, pen, text, selection, etc. but it has the eclipse and gradient rectangles. It supports 16 by 16 & 32 by 32 Full Transparency true color icon.
 It gives the freedom to the maker to make their icon on their own creative way, it is a powerful icon maker that can be used to make all sort of web graphics from mouse cursors to web button and even to windows cursors.
Its features
• Easy to use- portable
• Supports file drag and drop
• Multi language
• Uses dynamic color depth
• Can save and open ICO,CUR,ANI,PNG, and JPEG formats
• Creates icon up to 512x512 at 32 bit
• Animated and handle images up to 1024x1024 and larger
• Various shape and style can be used
• Shows and boast ones creativity
With this software you can make the best out of what you like the image be, it has finally arrived and anyone can be one of the best icon makers on their own. But how can you be one of them? Just follow these four steps;
1. Select the picture you like through clicking browse button to find the picture in your computer.
2. Decide of what icon you like to make, you may choose from Avatars or Emoticons.
3. If you see the selection tool on top of your picture select your tool, what you see in the square is the icon that can be shown in your icon. ( move the square by dragging it or change the size by pulling on the corners)
4. Lastly, in the preview box check of what icon it would look like then click “make Icon” to create then save.
Icon maker helps to build the best of your creativity and personality, it is not to lower your own personality but it helps the user to believe on their confidence and the art they could bring to the image that they are trying to make. It can be an icon editor that may edit the files, create or patch the icon, an icon maker needs the wide range of their own style in making an icon more exciting to the highest level they want it to be. So explore, learn and be creative because icon maker is here!