Top 5 Free Icon editors

There are many icon editors in the market that you can choose from. Whether you prefer premium editors or free versions, there is a huge selection for you. If you dig deeper, you will also find out that some of them are easier to use than the rest. If you don’t have prior knowledge on icon editors, choose from the following icon editors below.
IcoFX 1.6
This icon editor comes with t PNG compression. It can edit icons for various platforms including ME, XP, Windows 98 and Mac OS X icons. It is powerful in converting images to icons. With this editor, you can also add, remove, or modify icon in your files. It can support multiple languages along with move forty effects as well as custom filter. This is a one of the most recommended free icon editor because of its multiple options and quality.

With iconmaker, you can make and edit icon in various sizes and colors with transparency. It is designed to crate icons for Windows XP. In particular, you can have the images painted with tools and figures such as pens, ellipse and curve tools. You can also move and rotate the images and even sort them out. It also enables you to copy as well as paste images to other apps. This professional icon editor comes with thirty day free trial.

It enables you to make and edit icon with small and standard size. With its capability to scale icons into various formats, it can create icons out of PNGs. This editor is developed for Windows XP Formatted icons. In order to convert icons, all you need to do is to simply right click on images. If you need additional features, you should opt for premium versions. They usually come with powerful interface which makes icon editing very easy.

AaICO icon editor 3.0
Although this editor does not have numerous features, it is also one of the best basic icon editors that you can have in the market. If you are a novice designer ere, this can be a good option for you.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro
The Greenfish icon editor pro is one of the best editors because of its portability. Meaning, you don’t have to install it. Not only that, it is also very easy to use. It has high support capability for drag and drop along with multilingual support system. It can create and edit animated cursors. If you need an editor that has high capability for images, this one can support up to 1024x1014 and more. It can also derive icons from libraries and files. Not only that, it will also amaze you with a high end selection of marquee, wand tools and lasso. It is also adept in filling shapes for it offers numerous filters such as drop Shadow, Remove matte and more. This is indeed an icon editor for professional designer.
Now that t you have good options of icon editor, you may now streamline your homework. Study the details carefully and choose the best icon editor for you.