How to create website: The introduction

Almost every day, thousands of people are being connected to the internet across the universe. Sometimes people just rely on their own with the internet because as we all know it provides us digital communication easier. And to the fact that most of the companies worldwide are becoming more dependent to the internet even our government is considered. Nowadays, through internet there are many jobs being offered and many businesses being opened towards success.
As the world has becoming more advance in terms of technology, more business are being build up to earn cash on the web. There are different strategies being offered to the people that are helpful to have the most profitable business to get a better result in the future.
One way to promote business, blogs or portfolio is creating your own website. There are lots of options being offered but it is you who will choose which one is the best. Knowing how to create a website will help you to promote your business easy and fast. Here are some steps in creating a website.
First thing to is plan. What kind of website you want to build? Is it a business, artist, musicians, you want to be a blogger, you want to put up a restaurant or you want to share success story of a wedding? These things must be considered because it will help you determine your purpose why you want to create a website.
Since you have now your purpose next thing to do is defined your target audience. These are the people you need to you need to attract to visit your website. Identify what are your target customer wants so that it is easy for you what you are going to include on your menu.
And now register and choose your domain name.  There are websites that creates subdomain for free. After you register find your web hosting. There are free host that helps you allow connecting a domain name.
 And start creating your site. Choose the best template that will suit to your business needs. Then choose a website builder. There are many website builders being offered Such as WordPress or Web flow that will help you to organize your website. You can design on your own or your web builder will be the one to do it for you.
When you are done you can edit your website.  You can write a useful content in your or you may create unique post that your site will offer a good impact to your target audience. It will be a big help because your visitors might like your website and ensures you that they will be back again. You can also ask opinion to your friends about your website to help you improve it more.  
And start to test your website. There are four ways to test your website. First you can use a subfolder in testing it is easy and most convenient but sometimes confusing because there are no DNS changes that will happen. Second is the use or use a subdomain in testing the website third is you can use a local installation that will help you run your own computer and lastly  you can use a new domain  to test your website.
So what is a website exactly? Well, it is now a tool in transmitting information through text or images. It has the advantage of availability of accessing it by anyone, anywhere at any time. There you go , you already have the basic knowledge you have to know on how to create a website.

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