Why Should You Start Using FontAwesome 

FontAwesome is a robust set of icon that contains scalable vector icons, which is absolutely free. There are lots of significant kinds of icons, which come with this amazing icon plugin, web related/UI, social media, and many more. Icons are essential to web projects as they are a visual way of helping you add meaning to the elements. It enables you for an easy addition to your theme, saving valuable time, for you do not have to make and save these type of graphics yourself. There are various reasons why you should start using this great app, which include but not limited to the following: 

  1. It is easy to style and retina-ready –Designers love using icons as fonts due to the flexibility of styling that are available to them. Furthermore, using a font is also going to render icons as sharp as your device will enable, so you do not have to worry about making retina graphics because FontAwesome will give you iconography in high quality on each device. More particularly in the modern age of responsive design, it is more essential than ever. CSS is being used in styling the font and is able to change the drop shadow, size, color, and some other customization of an icon easily. You can get all of the styling benefit for a regular text with this app. 
  2. It is a font – From the name, it explains what the format is. However, it is that thing that make FontAwesome very neat. There are other choices, rather than using a font in order to display icons. Perhaps, you are familiar with some other approaches like using individual images or website-particular sprite-sheets for icons. Regardless if it is a font, SVG, or a raster, icon graphics are a series of images used in particular parts of the website. These parts can be the loading icons, navigation, search bar, or other place from which the indicator graphics will be appropriate. 
  3. It has a performance advantage – All of us love fast-loading websites, so it is essential that you provide that experience to your visitors. All of the icons are include in just one font file, so it will only take a one HTTP request to be able to load FontAwesome. It is great for performance, so it is really worth considering this app as a solution. 
  4. Browsers are digging this application– You do not have to worry about the browser compatibility of this great innovation, as it is well supported by all of the modern browsers. With all the file formats included, it is treated the same like many other web fonts. 
  5. Application in action –You are probably used to the font from your everyday typing or the regular characters. Characters like A, B, C and more are part of your everyday communications. Icon fonts are only like any other font, except that the characters are being styled in order to look like icons. The font is defining the characters, which can be found within the website, and enhance by the rendered icons of FontAwesome. 
This application is free and it is providing better convenience to manage font icons, which can optimize the icon image and font source management for your site.