Try FontAwesome! 

Web development world today’s is been enjoying the perks brought by FontAwesome, a portable and user-friendly icon set which lets you integrate enormous amount of icons in your site even you don’t create image files for the icons. You could just simply link this to your site and voila! These icons will now be available at your fingertips. 

For you to add simple CSS into your HTML element, it will enable you to utilize some cool vector icons, no matter what colour or sizeyou want. It will not just save your effort and time, but it could also help o be more creative, if you can’t think of a way on how you can fit the icons on your site. And guess what? It is free of charge whether you would use it personally or commercially since it is open source.

How to get started with FontAwesome? 

Primarily, you have to add the CSS file of the FontAwesome right with your project. When you are using a framework or CMS, it could be some naïve functions which may handle the import of the CSS file within the program. However, most of us, do add snippets of the HTML code along with any other CSS included on your head section.

<link rel="stylesheet" id="font-awesome-css" href="//" type="text/css" media="all" />

It will now link you with all of the FontAwesome CSS classes into icon. Instantly, you can now start working. What you need to do is to pick the best icon you will need.

But before you could use your icons in your site, you have to add CSS classes which is fa as well as icon’s class you have chosen on your HTML element. Take for instance, if you want to add a cute magnifying glass for your search button, you may add an <i> tag with your button and be able to provide you with a class of fa fa -search. As soon as you save and view this page, your browsers will now make use of the CSS file of the FontAwesome so it could find the right code to display your search icon. Meanwhile, when you already have new built, perhaps, you do need icons. However, there are instance, that we don’t want to sift all the way on hundreds of icons. If that is the case, you could use the cheatsheet of Fontawesome to make your search easier. 

Fontawesome is one good opportunity for developers on harnessing their creative side in creating website. Here, their chance towards attractive website is unlimited. They can enjoy several options. One more great thing about this is that it usually comes with various customizable features. It will definitely fit your website needs. This is being supported by so many people globally and it is also free. See? This is really amazing! You don’t need to consume so much time cropping all images here and there. Everything you need with icons can already provide by FontAwesome. What are you waiting for? Try this one now!