The Awesome Things with FontAwesome 

In the world of website, there is no door for pure luck and dullness in order to have an effective one. Most of the successful websites that you can find online have a great content, website design and awesome font. If you are a beginner and you want to have an iconic font and a great CSS toolkit, there is no other option that you must choose but FontAwesome. It is the only toolkit that you can find online that can give you the scalable vector icons, which can definitely be customized. From the size, color and drop shadow to anything that can be perfectly done with the use or power of CSS. 

An increasing number of website owners and users prefer FontAwesome because it is the only iconic font and CSS toolkit so far that has a lot of great features that anyone can find very much beneficial and wise to use. You can make your website look elegant, creative and great with this particular toolkit and aside from that, you can have an all-in-one package because in just one single collection, you can already have 605 icons. This particular toolkit has an awesome pictographic language of a number of possible web-related actions. What is more interesting with this toolkit is that it is completely free for any use even for commercial use.

With a very busy and competitive life, especially in the online industry today, it can be such a big help if we have a CSS toolkit that will make it easier for us to easily style the icon color, shadow, size and others. Now it is possible for us to do such things in customizing our website with the help of FontAwesome. It is also a relief to know that this particular iconic font and great CSS toolkit works effectively with all kinds of frameworks, though it is originally designed for a particular framework. It has No JavaScript required also when you use it, which means that you will have a much fewer compatibility worries or concerns because you are assured that it will never require you a JavaScript. 

One of the things that a website owner or user looks for in a toolkit is its accessibility and compatibility with the device. One of the main reasons why FontAwesome continues to be a trend and demand online is that it is very much desktop friendly which means that you can use this toolkit on your desktop computer or even in a complete set of vectors, which is really a great advantage if you are into ecommerce and online business or you are just a regular online or website user. 

Awesomeness and creativity-these are the two things that can make a website trend and have a lot of traffics. With FontAwesome’s infinite scalability where the scalable vector graphics can make it possible for your icon to look awesome in any possible size, it will as easy as pie for you to make your website genuinely perfect. Aside from that, the users or visitors will also love to revisit the site because with the fact that icons in this particular toolkit is vectors, you are assured that it will be perfect on high resolution or retina displays and it will never trip up the screen reader because it is very much compatible with it.