Using FontAwesome in Your Website Theme 

For sure, lots of people who create website themes have a great need for website icons. Icons are a very great way in order to visually add meaning to a certain post or button related such as the permalinks or tags. Having an icon font is a great way in order to add an icon set easily to your website theme instead of having them created by yourself. Have you ever heard of the FontAwesome? Maybe, you have had, but for those who are just beginners in this kind of world, let us introduce to you the generation that will help you in so many ways. Font Awesome is one of the examples, which is a generator of the scalable vector icons that are in act, constantly customizing with the CSS. In a nutshell, the entire shadows, drop,colors, sizes and many more adapt to the CSS, which made this programs very awesome. 

Why is it worth to use Font Awesome? 

First and foremost, this software program is completely free, and its service quality and features are beyond satisfaction for a free kind of features and service. You will not encounter any problems with the work between the FontAwesome and the entire framework. If you will not encounter any problems, it will also mean that things will not get complicated. As a matter of fact, Font Awesome is also very friendly to the desktop, which means you can completely use the program set of vectors.

Font Awesome is a Font and an Icon! 

The first and the best benefit of this program is that it’s a font. In other words, you can get the entire benefits of styling when using the regular texts. You can change the size and color of an icon easily with the help of a little CSS. FontAwesome will also focus as sharp as what you device allowed. With that said, there is no need to worry about in creating retina-ready graphics. 


Because of the fact that the entire icons are included in a single font file, this would only mean that there’s only one HTTP request to be loaded. In this way, you can have a quite a bit page to load which would mean maximized webpage performance when you’re using a icons as text instead of icons as png or icn. You can also include the needed CSS in FontAwesome in order to render the icons with the entire other .css files when loading your theme. 

Using in the Theme-Template Files 

After you have added Font Awesome to your theme, you can then start using the Font Awesome in your existing theme. Obviously, each theme is different that’s why you need to choose something that would definitely compliment your existing ones.


People are used to live in a very convenient and comfortable way and we all want the same from the services and products that we use. This is the reason why FontAwesome is designed to meet our entire