Getting Started With FontAwesome 

When we talk about iconic fonts and CSS toolkit program, we would always want something that we can find ease when using it. One of the programs that we can find online that just keeps on getting more and more awesome through each day, which makes it a number one demand online is FontAwesome. There is no wonder behind this trend and demand because it is the only program so far which you can be a pro even if you don’t have much knowledge when it comes to website technology. Setting up FontAwesome right to your website is just as simple and easy as ABC. 

Setting up this particular iconic font and CSS toolkit is just so simple and easy like adding 2 lines of a certain code right to your own website. Becoming a pro and customizing your website by yourself will be 100% possible even you don’t have much background when it comes to creativity and excellence because FontAwesome will have you do the job perfectly. Aside from that, you can also be assured that everything will just turn out just the way you want it to be and in order to provide the best experience to buggy and old browsers, this program only uses the CSS browser hacks in order to effectively work around any kind of bugs right in the browsers themselves. 

The CSS browser hacks will understandably cause the CSS validators to complain if there is anything that is invalid while in some places. The said validation warnings do not really matter right in practice because the non-hacky portion of the CSS will fully validate and the possible hacky portions will never interfere with the right or proper functioning of the said non-hacky portion. What is more advantageous with the FontAwesome too is that it has a lot of great features no other programs can even compare with such as its onefont-605 icons, it comes for free, it effectively plays or works with other and almost all kinds of frameworks, it has no JavaScript required, has great CSS control, it is very much desktop friendly, has an infinite scalability, its icons are perfect on high resolution and retina displays and most of all, it is screen reader compatible which only means that it will never trip up the screen readers unlike the other icon fonts out there. 

Just like the advanced and high technology that we have now, FontAwesome is also getting more and more impressive and more awesome as the days pass by. Like with its latest version, the FontAwesome 4.5, there are a number of new great features, 20 new great icons to be exact and they are: edge, Bluetooth, Bluetooth-b, modx, product-hunt, shopping basket, font awesome, pause-circle, reddit alien, stop-circle, codiepie, hashtag, pause-circle-o, scribd, stop-circle-o, credit-card-alt, mixcloud, percent, shopping bag and usb. With the newest FontAwesome icons, your dream of making a creative, effective and successful website will never be next to the impossible because it will be just easy for you to make it a reality with the help or use of FontAwesome.