Fontawesome: A Cool Way to Make a Responsive Website

Icons or often called as pictograms plays a vital role in communication. In fact, most of our ancestors has utilized icons in arts, designs and as a form of alphabet from centuries ago. Furthermore, symbols use to play a vital part in creating a good visual language not only in our history but also in our fast-paced and ever changing world. If icons are used as a form of art or alphabet before, now it has transformed into a whole new level. Icons are not that popularly used on the internet realm before, not until fontawesome come into the scene. First off—what is Fontawesome? 

Fontawesome is a set of CSS/font icons that allows users to easily incorporate scalable vector icons to their web applications. This font icons can be easily customized using the traditional CSS, and this is particularly great for anyone who wants to build a responsive website design or application of their own using such fonts. Fontawesome provides more than 519 icons, which is a framework agnostic and completely free from any charge. Thus, you can totally get the most out of fontawesome and use it for different projects without the need to pay for any single dollar. Since its font icons uses vector graphics, you dont have to worry about its graphics or clarity getting distorted once scaled up or down.

So why should you care for this stuff? Because this will let you easily get or utilize icons for menus, brands and indicators without the need to dish out a single cent! It also give you the freedom to use your present or existing CSS to ensure that it will perfectly fit with the rest of your website style of applications. One of the simplest way to include fontawesome in your web design or any web project is through the help of CDN (Content Delivery Network). But if you are working off-line, youll have to download the icon pack to be able to use it. You also need to include your CSS file including generated fonts which contains different font formats. Next, youll have to add your CSS file into your HTML document, then, verify that so-called @font-face src URL paths in your CSS files which correspond into the right folder.

Icons can be modified into different sizes and styles. Some of the common formats that many web builders and web designers for their icons includes .eps, .ico and .png. And some of the common sizes are 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48. If you are looking for a format that doesnt become blur when scaled up to 25x25, format such as .eps can be scaled to any size, and can give you a crisp result. Some of the common features that it contains includes reserved shades, limited/single color icon, clear elements and light texture for patterns and backgrounds. But if you have the knowledge in combining CSS tricks, you can absolutely create a vibrant icon colors that is fit with your web project.