FontAwesome Icon Plug-In

When Dave Gandy created the FontAwesome icons, many internet users and developers got interested with this new icon trend, and brought a new means of transforming the standard icons that you can use on your site into something responsive and functional. One of the greatest innovations in terms of FontAwesome is the creation of FontAwesome Icon Plugins. Surely, only few of you know about this kind of plug-in, but for those people who doesnt know about this latest program, the plugin was just a mere rebirth of the original font icon that is created by Dave Gandy. This plugin was specially developed by Rachel Baker to provide users with more freedom to design their font icons to suit their applications, projects or website design.

Most web designers find it very cumbersome to utilize a lot of images in a website as it could only consume a lot of web space owing the file size. This can also add up to the hassle and stressful task of correlating the images to your HTML & scaling procedure, where problems might occur along the process. With this matter, FontAwesome Icon Plugin will certainly provide a great to reduce the hassle and tedious work in the designing process. Using Font Icons, you will be provided with scalable images to be used on your website rather than the images and large graphics, which makes the page loads slower. 

With these Font Icons, youll have the opportunity to scale down or scale up the image to be used on your site, regardless of its size and scaling factors. Therefore, whether you are utilizing different font size, the icon font and its clarity will remain the same, thus, causing you with less issues when designing or optimizing your site. Webmasters like to take full advantage of FontAwesome Icons Plugin features for their site because it offers vast amount of scalable icons and font image that is applicable for any browsers. Furthermore, web builders and web designers can certainly get the most out of these icons since it can be adjusted easily to different sizes without the worries about scaling issues. 

FontAwesome Icon Plug-In also provides different types of icon choices starting from video to social media icon---all gathered in one place. As you choose from the variety of icons available, you can directly try to rescale or alter it to different sizes or colors through CSS, without the risk of losing the quality or clarity of your images. The icons and fonts can be easily adjusted in terms of their color and transparency without disturbing its size and definition. As a web designer, you can also take a great advantage of using FontAwesome Icon Plugin to your site or projects within the various regions of your web spaces such as header, sidebar, columns or content to make it more appealing. 

You could utilize it in same way just like as embedding the font face while letting you employ scalable icons that can be easily managed similar to using CSS code. This plugin also gives you a cleaner and more organized system when managing your font icons because you can freely keep the size and color variations in a single folder/location.