FontAwesome – Your Iconic Font and CSS Toolkit 

FontAwesome is a generator of the iconic font as well as a CSS tool kit of the scalable vector icons that are constantly in act with customizing CSS. In other words, this adapts to CSS including the entire shadows, color, sizes, drop and many more which makes this specific program very awesome even for the beginners. 


More and more people are getting hooked up in using Font Awesome as it gives numerous benefits for the users. If you haven’t tried using this amazing software program, here are some of its awesome features: 

1 Font, 605 Icons – in one font collection, FontAwesome offers 605 pictographic language for web-related actions. 

Completely free service and features – This program software is completely free for any kind of use, even for commercial purposes. You can check out their licenses page for more information. 

Works well with other programs – this pictographic language was designed and originally created for Bootstrap. Because of this fact, this works great and well with any kind of website frameworks. 

No required JavaScript – due to the fact that this doesn’t require the use of JavaScript, fewer compatibility concerns will arise. 

CSS control – you can easily do anything that is possible with the CSS throughFontAwesome, for example, icon styling, color, shadow, color and many more.

Desktop Friendly – by checking out its cheatsheet, you will be able to use it on a desktop for a complete vector set.

Infinite Scalability – You will have scalable vector graphic, which would only mean that everyicon that you will have will look completely awesome at any size.

Perfect on the Retina Displays – the icons in this program are vectors, which in other words mean they will look completely gorgeous on the high-resolutions displays.

Screen Compatibility Reader – this software program won’t be tripped up with screen readers, unlike the other iconic fonts. 

Getting Started 

The easiest way in order to get started with the FontAwesome is to use the Bootstrap CDN. Because of the fact that this is originally designed for Bootstrap, by using a single code line, you can easily get the