FontAwesome – Best Alternative to Custom Icons

Recently, there has been lots of talk surrounding FontAwesome. Today is the best time to share our knowledge and experience in using the software for icon sharing as the creators of the program announced a subscription service feature that includes rich font-icons version of the software. But before anything else, let’s clear first what is Font Awesome? In the simplest terms, Font Awesome is just software in a font type face; however, instead of the Roman traditional alphabet you get with the most sets of font, you get useful and vey awesome icons. This program takes wide advantage of the unprintable and undefined Unicode characters and assigns the icon to that specific Unicode. FontAwesome is so elegant, so simple, and really sounds too good to be true, but it is not, at all.  

Font Awesome can be used in the most of use cases, even commercially. Because of the fact that this program is an icon set, it’s perfect for those people who are looking to develop or build responsively and this is what makes this software program awesome. One may include the font in their stylesheet in similar way they would insert ant kind of web font and accordingly use the. Also, because of the fact that FontAwesome is merely a font, it will scale without having any degradation. Small icons, large icons, it doesn’t really matter; one’s download will be compact and lean. 

This software program is perfect for the organizations that don’t have their own design team or have the resources in order to build hundreds of customized icons. One can still maintain their brand through the custom shadow, size, colors, and other options in CSS styling. Font Awesome is a very smooth and lean way in order to insert the iconography in one’s extranet, intranet or site for public facing. FontAwesome also have a very active community set up in case one would need support of would like to leave feedback. 

So, how would you use Font Awesome? There are a few main methods on how to use this awesome software program. First one is by suing the HTML single line code that you can place in <head> section, where you can load the stylesheet of Font Awesome from the CDN or content delivery network. Afterwards, you can use the inline elements in order to place the icon on page. You may also choose to include the icons by directly using the CSS. You can either include a FontAwesome link in your CSS or complete Font Awesome CSS in your customized stylesheet. In order to insert the icons you can simply sue the icon name and the CSS prefix. It’s really easy to change the icon in CSS; you just need to target the icon and change its color in order to match your website’s color palate. 

Font Awesome is really easy to use and great alternative to the custom icons. If you have already used custom font before, then it will be much easier for you to understand the process of using this program.