Advantages of Using FontAwesome on your Website 

Organizations and companies need to think about how shapes like a social media icon, are going to display on a site for various reasons. For instance, a shape will be able to look great from a distance; however, is someone zooms in on it, they will find that the object is pixilated or they will be able to see jagged edges. If this type of situation happens, the font has been rasterized, which is not in high quality appearance from the eyes of other people. This type of situation can be problematic for business owners, as they may lose a great number of visitors from their website if those organizations or people find out that one or more of their images on their site are in low quality; therefore, a necessity for FontAwesome.

As a result to this type of situation, and as a business owner, you have to think about the icons and fonts in your website display on various mobile devices, for a shape like a telephone that you are displaying on your site may show up effectively on a desktop. However, if someone accesses your website on their android phone, that font and icon may not display the way they expect it to display. Furthermore, this situation holds true if a person with a disability uses a screen reader in order to look at that shape. One resource for which you can find fonts and icons for your site is through FontAwesome. 

There are more than 500 icons that exist on their selection, such as shapes to play videos on your site, icons for social media, and icons indicating various methods of payment that people can use for buying products from a business. FontAwesome also come in many different kinds, including shapes for web application, for transportation, and form controls. For instance, if you want to use a shape on your website in order to show your visitor from which you can find that organization, you can use a building icon in the web app section from the cheat sheet of FontAwesome. Then, place it on a map to be able to show someone where he or she is located.  

Lastly, entities will be able to use currency icons like Euros and US dollars, as a way of displaying pricing information for their products on their website. This great icon benefits companies in lots of ways, because the icons are vector shapes. One advantages of having a vector shaped icon is that when resized, it won’t lose the quality, which is contrary to a raster object that ends up being pixilated when someone resized it. It means that when someone resized a site into a size of a screen on the mobile device, the quality of the shape will not decrease if the website would be revised. 

Another benefit of using FontAwesome for entities is the fact they do not need to pay any money to buy a license if they receive or market money from their products through the icons that you can choose in this application. You won’t have a hard time looking at the icons even if the readers use a screen reader to examine the shapes.