Utilizing Font Awesome Icon

Have you been looking for the best icon for your web browser, android screens, etc.? Well, the font awesome icon might be the best tool in order for you to have the icons that will meet your needs and interests. 

Bitmap image to use unto your projects are nice but not as much benefit that the font awesome icon provides. You can have several benefits once you consider using or utilizing it into your browser. 

Since the font awesome icon is vector graphics, they are surely scalable. This only implies that you can scale them up or down even without losing its quality. You can apply any of the CSS effects. With the font awesome icon, you will only send one single of few HTTP request/s in order to load the tools as compare to sending multiple HTTP requests, which the bitmap images might be requiring. The tools load faster than you expected as of their small size. They are also supported in all the bowsers.

The icon fonts are designed according to the specific grids such as 32x32, 16px16, 48x48 etc. Although the icon fonts are excellent on enhancing the design of the project, they also have their limitations. It is evident when you want to show the complex image on your project as a substitute for the simple icon, the icon fonts will not the solution. 

Font awesome icon refers to the rich collection of the 43 icons. Having this library of icons is free for both commercial and personal use. Actually, the tool was designed for the Bootstrap but you can still use it in your favorite frameworks. 

What is the simplest way to include the font awesome icon in your project? It is through the Content Delivery Network or CDN. If ever you are working off-line, then you need to have the icon pack downloaded. 

You need to find as well as include the CSS file and generate font folder, which contains different font formats. After that, you will have to add the CSS file into your HTML document. Then, you need to verify that the paths in your CSS file will correspond to the right and appropriate folder.

How to use the icons? 

For you to use the icons, you will have to place them inside either an i element or a span. Next, is to assign them into two classes. For instance, the fa class and the second class should be the name of the icons you would want to add in your project.

The additional pre-defined classes will allow you to customize the icons easily. You do not need to be skilled enough about the mechanics, for the process is easy and fast. 

The font awesome icon great advantage for the users to use for it has amazing icons and features that are available to download and install free. However, it is still important for you to find the right and credible site that offer the font awesome icon. It is for you to ensure that you will be having the best icons to use and utilize to your web browser.