How to Use Font Awesome Icons? 

Font Awesome is considered as capable of giving accessible vector icons which could be instantly customized in terms of color, size, drop shadow as well as almost anything which could be done along with the power of the CSS. It is considered as a pictographic font set having almost 361 icons. These icons are considered to be infinitely scalable as well as compatible with screen reader. And there are already numbers of sites that are into using the said Font Awesome Icon. 

There could be three options on how you are going to use the said icons into your Wordpress site and these three options are the following:


Once you get up and go running, you could already place the Font Awesome Icon just anywhere along with the <i> tag. For example if you have pencil icon you are to use these icons like <i class="icon-pencil"></i>. 


If you don’t want to worry about HTML tags then using icons through shortcode could be considered. Use shortcode into your pages, posts and also widgets in order to display the Font Awesome Icons. To use icon through shortcode consider [icon name=name-of-icon] wherein name would be the class of the icon that you are going to use. For example, phone icon you are to use it like this [icon name=icon-phone].

TinyMCE Plugin 

There is a need for you to select the Font Awesome Icon that you are to add into your page or post content coming from the Glyphs drop-down menu into the Visual Editor. 

Those are the three options that you could choose from if you are going to use Font Awesome Icon. And for the process of installation, consider the following: 

There is a need for you to upload first the Font Awesome Icons into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Then activate the plugin by the Plugins menu into the Wordpress. 

Next, use one among the three above mentioned options which are the HTML, Shortcode or TinyMCE plugin into the content of your pages or posts.

Finally, utilize either shortcode or HTML methods in the text widgets.

The use of Font Awesome Icon could be very easy if you are to follow 

There could also be numbers of great things that you could get out of choosing the said icons. If you want hundreds of icons yet only a font then Font Awesome Icon is the best choice. It doesn’t also required JavaScript and it offers infinite scalability. It is also free for commercial use and controlled by CSS. These icons are as well perfect on the retina displays and could play well along with others. The icons are also compatible with screed reader and also are known to be desktop friendly. There could be numbers of advantages that Font Awesome Icon could provide. 

Font Awesome Icon is becoming more and more popular wherein there are increasing numbers of individuals are into using it into theirs sites like in their posts or pages. And that proves the popularity that the said icons could provide.