Font Awesome Icon: Features, Pros and Licenses

Font Awesome Icon is one among the mostly used icons by many due to the fact that it offers numbers of great advantages on the part of the users. It would give accessible vector icons which could be customized instantly regarding its drop shadow, color, size and also anything which could be done along with the CSS power. 

There are numbers of pros that Font Awesome Icon could provide along with its great features and some would include the following: 

Font Awesome Icon has a single font but with almost hundreds of icons provided. There would be a single collection and Font Awesome is considered as a pictographic language of the web-related actions.

It also does not require JavaScript. There would be fewer concerns about compatibility since Font Awesome wouldn’t require the use of JavaScript.

The said icons also offer infinite scalability. Scalable vector graphics would mean that every icon would look awesome even in any sizes. 

It is considered to be free both for commercial as well as personal use.  

CCS Control is as well guaranteed by Font Awesome Icon. It could have an easy style icon with regards to color, shadow, size and also anything which is possible with the use of CSS.

These icons are also perfect into retina displays as they are vectors and so could be gorgeous into high resolution displays. 

Font Awesome Icons are designed originally for Bootstrap but it could definitely work with all other frameworks.

The said icons are as well considered to be desktop friendly. There would be cheat sheet in order for you to use it on a desktop or for the complete set of the vectors.

It also offers screen reader compatible wherein Font Awesome Icon will not trip up screen readers even compared with other icon fonts. 

Those are among the features and so the advantages that Font Awesome and its icons could offer. In connection with that, Font Awesome is considered as fully open source as well as known to be GPL friendly. The icons could therefore be used for open source projects, commercial projects or any purpose that you definitely want. There are licenses that prove the legality of the icons and those are the following: 

Font License – this would apply to all the web front and desktop files in a certain directory.

Code License – this would apply into the LESS and CSS files within certain directories as well. 

Documentation License – the said license applies to the project files of the Font Awesome which are not a part of the Code or Font Licenses. 

Brand Icons – all of the brand icons are considered as trademarks of the respective owners. Using the said trademarks doesn’t indicate the endorsement of the said trademark holder through Font Awesome and even vice versa. Brand icons must only be used in order to represent the said product or company into which they prefer.

With Font Awesome Icon, there would be an assurance of legal due to the licenses it has and also the assurance of having great features along with numbers of benefits.