Font awesome icon

Do you want to improve the style of your website? As a creative user, you are aware that even small details matter. Let’s start with the icons or the tiny images you see in social media. Aside from the LIKEor thumbs up icon, there are hundreds of other great graphics out there. You don’t need to be satisfied with the old icons. Font awesome icon is something you must consider for your website. With its innovative approach, you won’t be left behind. As technology observes rapid growth, font awesome also adapts to the wide changes. As implied to its name, you will be handed with awesome choices rather than merely depending on the traditional graphics.

If you want to be more familiar about font awesome icon, you need to be equipped with essential information. By simply being aware, you will enjoy styling your website. You will gain additional ideas on how to bring your site into a better look.

Here are the categories of icons that you can use: 

Medical icons 

Brand icons 

Directional icons 

Video player icons 

Web application icons 

Text editor icons 

How to get started 

Using font awesome icon for your website will surely give you utmost benefits. So this collection of impressive 439 icons is ideal for you, but the question is that do you have any idea how to get started? If no, then you better read on the following details in order to help you develop a more sensitive understanding about Font Awesome icons.

  Basically, the simplest way that you can do in order to include Font Awesome icons in your project is though the help of Content Delivery Network. However, in case you are working offline, there is a need for you to download the icon pack. 

In addition to that, you are also required to look and include the CSS file as well as the generated font folder that contain the various formats. After that, you have to include the CSS file to the HTML document. At last, there is a need for you to verify the URL paths in the CSS files that correspond to the right folder. If you want to see the complete list of all possible ways in order to set these icons to your online project, you might want to check out their getting started guide. In order to make use of these icons, you have to put them inside an i element or a span. After that, they need to be assigned into two classes.

As conclusion, Font Awesome Icons are a great way to add additional layer of functionality to your online project. So if you want to get the most of these icons, you have to equip yourself with understanding of every detail.