Font Awesome Icon 

Font Awesome also has vibrant community along with folks that are helping one another. There is a chance for you to get a support, request for new icons, report bugs, check upcoming milestones and also submit pull requests. Since the use of Font Awesome Icons is becoming more and more popular, it would be important if you are to be guided with how you are to deal with Font Awesome Icons.

Are you having problems about how you are to get Font Awesome and keep it running? Is there anything that is now working the way you expected it to be? No worries for there are ways on how you could get support. There is a need for you to make sure that you have an idea about the latest version of the guide on how to get started as it is updated for the purpose of using the said icon a lot easier. There are as well questions having answers and so could provide you with the chance of either having the same questions as yours. But if you can’t find the same question then sending the question through email is the best choice.  

If you are to request for new icons there is a need for you to bear in mind that Font Awesome is a happy face and so be nice. Just check whether the icon already exists and if found just put +1 to the icon. It is also important that you title the new issue, include some cases on how you are to use the icon and also attach single color image representing your idea. Requesting for concrete objects could be more ideal. When it comes to reporting bugs with Front Awesome Icon you should feel so free of submitting an issue into the GitHub project but check first if the bug was already reported. Before you open an issue, read the guidelines first. And once you do everything then submit the issue. 

Submitting pull requests for Font Awesome Icon could also be easier. You could find a way on how to solve a bug or you could contribute new features as well. But do not submit new icons. Just submit all of the pull requests against the *-wip branches and these will be closed summarily as well as this guide referenced. Then once you already finished doing everything, it’s time for you to submit the pull request. 

Considering Font Awesome Icon could be among the best decisions in order for you to come up with the best icon to be used in your posts or pages. You will also have lesser worries knowing the fact that there will be supports as well as easy ways on how to ask for help once problems arise. With the popularity of using icon fonts these days never have any doubts about the advantages that it could as well offer. You must always be encouraged to use Font Awesome Icon into your projects and so come up with the best designs as well.