Font awesome icon: How It Benefit Users

Web designers are becoming in demand nowadays because of the increasing number of people who tend to create their own websites for their own purposes. It is understood that web designer plays a great role in making your website or browsers look aesthetically. The icon font is one of the factors in web designing wherein web developers take advantage of.

Thanks to the font awesome icon, which provides several icon options to utilize in, web designing. Icon fonts are not just about the fonts that contain numbers or letter but also it includes the glyphs and symbols. 

In relation to this, not only web designers can benefit the font awesome icon has to offer, for you can always try using the said font icons in no time! 

What is font awesome icon? It refers to the icon that could give you the scalable vector icons allowing you to do customization instantly. You can customize the color, sixe, drop shadow, and anything that can possibly done through the power of CSS.  

What does it offer?

The font awesome icon provides benefits to the users. It provides not just the easy access of the different icons but also it provides the unique icons that bring an aesthetic appearance to your desktop or web browser.  

Below are the following benefits that the font awesome icon offer and provides to every users out there! 

  • One Font, 605 Icons – within single collection, you can use the pictographic language for those actions related to web brought by the Font Awesome. 
  • It has No JavaScript Required – there is no need for you to worry about the compatibility for it only has few.  
  • You can have it free, as in Speech – you do not need to worry about having short budget for the font awesome icon is free for all your commercial use.
  • It will play well with others – whatever frameworks you have, the Front Awesome will surely work great for you! 
  • It is Screen Reader Compatible-the font awesome icon will never trip up any of the screen readers.
  • It features CSS control – anything that is possible in CSS is done as easy and fast as you can.
  • Font awesome icon is great on Retina Displays – since the font awesome icons are vectors, you can have excellent experience having their displays in high-resolution.
  • It provides Infinite Scalability – having a scalable vector graphics only imply that any if the icon will surely look awesome at any size.  
Knowing what the font awesome icon can give and benefit you, you might think of having it installed unto your web browser. Well, aside from the amazing icons it provides, the icon also features easy and fast installation process that you will surely love! To set up the Font Awesome, you just need as simple as adding the two lines of the code to your website. You can also prefer being a pro and be able to customize your browse yourself. 

You just have to find the right and trusted provider of the font awesome icon for you to ensure that you will be getting the benefits it provides.