Font Awesome Icon Works Great On Your Android 

Nowadays, phones are getting more usable because of the wide range or scope it offers and provides when it comes to convenience of service. Along with the benefits that your Android Phone gives, the customizability feature might be one of the most interesting and fun things using our phone. It is where you can download and install apps as well as icons in order to improve the convenience and appearance of your phone. 

With the development of the mobile app, most of the developer found it difficult to create resources for the different sizes in order to support the various sizes of the screens. However, using font awesome icon, you can make the process easy. 

Through the font awesome icon, you can create action bar, launcher icons, notification icons and other resources that will surely match your app branding. The process might take some time because you need to generate individual icons and to move them to the respective folders in your project.

Moreover, you can include over 500 icons in your projects without the need for you to create image for that. By just using the font awesome icon, you can get the job done as efficient as you can. One of the great advantages of using the font awesome icon in your android phones is that you do not need to worry regarding the different screen sizes for the fonts will look the same once used in any size of devices. You can even customize the size and color of the icons you created in order to fit the app design theme you have.

You might be wondering how to use font awesome icon in Android. Here are the simplified tips or ways on how to use the tools: 

The first step or method is to set the typeface on the Activity. In order for you to do so, you need to start to download the font from your trusted font awesome icon website. Make sure that the site is that credible enough to provide you the quality icons you need, which will work to your android. 

On your android Studio, you will have to create the android project, create folder assets inside the main folder of the app and then paste the downloaded font file in it. You need to go to the font awesome icon sheet in order to get the Unicode for the Icon that you want to use. You will be provided with a list of icons containing their name as well as Unicode. 

After you are done doing the necessary steps, you can now run the app for you get your resizable icon without the use of any images. It is definitely awesome! You can now have the icons you want to appear on your screen. 

This is how the font awesome icon can benefit every phone user. You can have the fast browsing experience through the icons you created and customized with the help of the amazing tool, the font awesome icon.