Three Powerful Technologies for a Powerful Website

There are many ways as to how people can utilize their creativity and make their own name thru creating a website. This will be possible if you can successfully create one with ease and expertise. That will never come into reality without using the necessary technology.
You may use different tools but there are identified 3 as the primary technologies that can be used in creating web pages. These are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; each of them has its own way to help people on how to create a website.
How these technologies differ with each other?
Cascading Style Sheets – this is used if you intend to apply all the visual styles that you want
HTML – this is preferably used for structuring content only
JavaScript – this must be utilized to almost all the interactive functionality and must always be in reference thru a separate file, it must NEVER written in the HTML
How these 3 powerful technologies work together?
Every web page that you see in a certain browser can be the combination of interactivity, structure, and style. These jobs may be undertaken thru the different technologies as stated above which the browser identifies how it can be interpreted. Consider the following facts about these technologies and learn how to create a website effectively.
CSS – it tells the browser how every kind of element must be displayed that may vary also in different media such as handheld device or print and screen
HTML – it marks the content that can increase into the different structural kinds such as images, lists, blocks, paragraphs, comments, forms, and the like
JavaScript – it tells how a browser will change into its web page being the response in the events which may happen such as changing a value in the form input and clicking to something
If you decided to create your website, aside knowing the things above you also need to learn the two vital things regarding web page production. It comes with,
-    Using the necessary and appropriate HTML tags to make everything in proper order.
•    Varied HTML tags define the structural content of the web page. Each one of it has its own identity and this must be used for only once in accordance to its proper place and its meaning.
-    Keeping the code of HTML, Javascript, and CSS separately.
•    It simply means that you do not need to put CSS or JavaScript in the HTML. Simply put them thru a separate file, which is called in thru the HTML pages. Doing can be simpler and more logical. You will find it also to be easier to manage where it keep the entire functional code and styles in a certain place. As a result, it will be safer, easier, and quicker for you to make some changes in the future. Re-purposing will be an easy task for you. It will no longer hard for you to design your website in order to look differently for your agents.
HTML, Javascript, and CSS are undeniably the powerful technologies that you can utilize if you want to have a powerful website. These will not only create a website but these will make a powerful impact to every user.

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