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When we started to write the guide "How to build a website?" we asked ourselves what are the parameters that are important for our readers.
We used these parameters as our "guide" every step of the way.

Easy, quick

and affordable



Secure and

stable platform

Attractive and

 beautiful website



Responsive - ajusted

 for mobile and tablet

Cutting edge


Drag & Drop


We hope that this guide will answer all your questions.

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Which website platform to use?

There are many platforms for creating websites. These platforms can be divided into two main catagories -

platforms that require installation (local or hosted server) and cloud platforms.
In the first catagory we will focus on Wordpress and in the second catagory we will focus on Simbla Website Builder.

Let's compare the two platforms according to the parameters we put in place in the previous section:

Easy, quick and affordable
WordPress installation requires prior knowledge. It can be installed on your own server or on a hosted server. If you are not familiar with WordPress and you want to use it, we recommend using an automatic insallation service. WordPress itself provides hosting and installation - or you can use a similar service.
Simbla - Starting your website with Simbla is much simpler and faster. You can register with Simbla online and start creating immediately.

Easy maintenance
WordPress requires security and version updates. If you are using WordPress, make sure you are using WordPress's latest version and use a service that will keep your Wordpress version updated. This is a critical issue for your website and the only way to keep it protected and secured.

Writing articles is quick and easy with WordPress but if you want to make substantial changes to the website's structure or design you'll have to get into the HTML code.

Simbla - no need to update. The platform is allways updated with the latest version.
Writing new articles with Simbla is easy and simple. Changes in the structure or design of the website is easy and intuitive with the Drag & Drop UI.

Secure and stable platform
WordPress - Make sure you are using WordPress hosted servers or another known secure hosted service. Make sure that the website is automatically updated to the latest version of WordPress. Otherwise it will be exposed to hacking.
Simbla - stable and secured, hosted on Firehost - the world's leading secured cloud that is located in the United States.

Responsive - ajusted for mobile and tablet

More and more people are using their mobile to browse the internet. Your website must be responsive - optimized for any device - PC, tablet or mobile.
WordPress - Make sure to choose a responsive template. Most of the new templates will be responsive while the old ones will not.

Simbla is a "Bootstrap" based platform. Bootstrap is the leading technology for creating responsive websites. Any website that you will create with Simbla will be automatticaly responsive.

Attractive and beautiful website
Make sure to choose a beautiful template for your website. Both platforms can set up beautiful and attractive websites.

SEO (search engine optimization) friendly

WordPress - You must select a template that is SEO friendly. You can also find many external tools to help you with your website's SEO.
Simbla is well adjusted for Search engines. It also has built-in functions for SEO. Please read the chapter that deals with SEO.

Cutting edge technology

Wordpress - choose templates that are using HTML5's and BootStrap. Many of the templates are not responsive and based on old technology.
Simbla - The whole system is built on the latest technologies such as HTML5 and BootStrap.

Drag & Drop Platform

Unfortunately WordPress does not have Drag & Drop UI.  Website's substantial changes requires HTML coding.
Simbla - Simbla uses Drag & Drop UI, allowing non-programmers complete flexibility to change their website.

In conclusion

Wordpress is a common platform that has many qualities in it ,but it requires a lot of knowledge and learning.

if you do not know HTML and do not want to start coding we recommend that you choose Simbla Website Builder.


Simunity is a free, open space for the web community. We offer a variety of guides, dev tools, generators, code snippets and freebies. Our guide -"How To Create A Website?" and all other tools are available online for your pleasure (Currently available: Icon Maker, Free website builder, Free templates, Free photo stock). Simunity is an ambitious project, initiated by Simbla Website development software, for the purpose of improving your experience during your website building. We belive in sharing our best for the sake of a better web future.



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