How to create a website for churches?

Websites are not just for business owners, teachers etc. but also for all kinds of people. The church can have also its own website. In fact, there are many church websites all over the internet. Some are good and others are not so good. Having a website will help the church show to other people about it (church) and connect to other visitors.
A church does not have to cost a large amount in achieving a good looking website. It has a room for improvement and adding features like a newsletter, sermon products, videos and church blog.
This will guide you by using the steps on how to create a website for a church or any kind of website. In fact, you will not allot more money to put a church website.
The domain - Every website has a domain or a domain name. There are a lot of extensions that will be put at the end of your domain name such as .com, and .org. this is the most common extensions especially for churches. If you want the most common extension, you can also use .net, .biz, .TV, .us; but the most recommended is the .com, .net, and the .org.
The domain name should be unique because if you have similar domain name in some websites, you may experience a conflict in finding your website. But this will not happen because you will search for a domain that is available. You also need to have a hosting site while waiting to purchase it. This will make the process smoother when the domain and hosting site will be together. In searching for a domain, you have to avoid double letters because you may forget it.
Webhosting for your church website - A hosting makes your website visible to the internet. You will also pay for the hosting site to store your files in the website.
You can use Hostgator because it has a great customer support through email, chat or phone. You can call them if you experience a problem along the way.
The next step after that is to install WordPress. You can tell them if you want to install WordPress in your website. They will help you through the process. When it is already installed you can ask them for the WordPress login information.
Login to WordPress - When the site gives you the login information you can go to a website then login. After that, you can start making changes to your site. Next to this, you can add content like images, videos, etc.
After adding texts, you can now design your website. In designing a website you should use the default theme; however, if you want to attain a good looking good church website. You need the WordPress theme that is specifically designed for churches. You can install the theme by simply downloading and uploading it to WordPress.
There are custom features in many themes that allow you to choose what you want. In design customizations, you need a web developer to help you in designing your website.  
Those are just the steps on how to create a website. This will help you achieve your objectives in creating a website.

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