How to Create a Website in Three Easy Ways

You can found many good things in using a website whether it is for sharing of ideas, impressing friends, and for communication purposes. The creation of a website does not need to be complex or costly. Here are some steps that you can consider on how to create a website that is completely functional and has a professional appearance and features. Making a website does not anymore require a mastery or expensive equipment and software since it is now very easy.
What You Need
In creating a website, you will need some essential things like;
•    This guide for the step
•    Time of about an hour
•    Credit Card for paying your website
•    Additional money for the monthly cost of your website
Here We Go!
In making a website, there are three things to follow:
1.    A Domain Name
The first step in making a website is to choose a domain name. This is will be the name of your website. For example, your domain name is Some of the hosting sites offer a free domain creation. The domain name is very important. It is high advisable that you create a catchy or cool name for your website. You can acquire a domain b if you purchase a hosting website.
2.    Hosting
Your website must be connected to the internet so that other people will visit it, a web hosting performs that. Packages for standard website hosting range from $100 to $200 every year. You may select from various hosting sites that offers a wide selection in a reasonable price. Avoid the “free” web hosting sites, as there may be plenty of limitations on its features.
3.    Create your website
The cost of your website can be around $60. This is because of the purchasing of your domain name and the service of the website hosting. The actual software that is supplied by your hosting company to build your website is complementary and does not cost anything.
You can now start making the appearance of your website; you can add or change a template or theme by visiting some websites that offers wide variety of selection on theme and templates that would perfectly match your website appearance. You can also customize some of it if you desire. You can also add several pages on your website so that all the things are in organized manner like “About Me” page, services page, and other pages that would fully describe your site. This also helps your site visitors to navigate easily your site.
Having these steps on how to create a website will let you feel like a professional. You can show to the world the quality of your newly built website and you can begin counting traffic on your site. Remember that a website needs a regular maintenance, for your website to be fully functional it is advisable that you update your web every month. Make sure that you maintain the appearance of your site for its credibility and integrity.

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