How to Create a Website for Mobile Devices using WordPress

Nowadays, mobile phones have reached the social media and have the access to internet, how come this came into real? Do you know how to create a website for mobile devices? You will learn how to make your site that will look great into mobile phone by means of reading through the following.
To make a website for mobile that has 3rd party software. If you use software like WordPress or Drupal and Joomla, you can only provide the content such as images and texts. If your website is built using WordPress, here are the guides on how you can make your website mobile-friendly:
This is a trial first so make sure that you have your back up your site before making any changes or revises. You are lucky to have WordPress as your hosting site because mechanically the presents mobile-friendly approach for your site depending on your theme.
Check if what version of WordPress and theme you are using. You can check it by checking your Administration Panel. The number appears on the Dashboard. On the other hand, if you have the older version of it, you can see it on the lower part. Use your web browser to search the website where your WordPress installed; they will provide the version number like this: <meta name=’’generator’’ content=’’WordPress 3.9.2’’/>. Then, check your themes if they are updated by going to Administration Panel then choose Appearance and click Themes.
Let us know first if your website is suitable for mobile. You can have the test in this website The test will examine the URL and will check the details if your page is a mobile-friendly site. If your site is mobile-friendly then you’re done! If the site you’re in is not mobile –friendly you should consider changing your theme and try to customize a new one.
If your situation is like this; how can you convert your new site into a mobile-friendly one, here are the tips: (1) check if your theme is currently upgraded and if that is mobile-friendly. This will be an advantage for you because you’re not just updating your theme but somehow you are also fixing your security settings. (2) If your existing theme is not mobile friendly, then look for another theme. You can surf the most updated version of themes at, and again make sure that your chose theme is mobile-friendly.
But if you’re satisfied with your own theme and you don’t want to change it, there were also other alternatives for you if you wish within the vicinity of WordPress. This can be done by plugin WordPress architecture. They extend and expand the role of WordPress, it maybe Jetpack, WPTouch or WP Mobile Detector. Just make sure that your plugins are set properly to boost your site mobile.
I think now you are ready to ask yourself: Is my website mobile-friendly now? It is time to figure it out. The best way to test it out is to use real mobile device. Testing is very important. It will tell you if your experiment work out. Borrow your friends’ smart phone or maybe tablet and check out your site. And maybe your friend would be interested and ask you on how to create a website that is mobile-friendly.

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