How to Create a Website for Kids via DoodleKit

When a person creates a website, it surely comes along with their own purpose. He might want to endorse something, show his skills on a certain field like photography, arts, music, and the like. We must not hide the fact that most transactions are done online, whether it’s about business or simple concerns. Through having a website, people can easily spread information through the internet.

Even young kids have potentials in managing their website. Parents must support their children whenever they ask permission before creating new website. Through blogging and updating their website, kids can learn how to interact with other people. Skills in writing will also be enhanced and discovered by themselves.

There are easy steps on how to create a website for kids:
1.    The kids just need to make their own account by providing their personal information such as their complete name, email, and a preferred password.
2.    After filling out the required details, they can now personalize their website through applying the designs they want.

•    The user must choose from the available templates on the builder library. They can select as many templates as possible.
•    Aside from merely selecting from DoodleKit library, kids can also make their own template through using the tools for editing a certain template.
•    The background patterns can also be customized by the user. They can choose their favorite color and texture.
•    When it comes to fonts, kids who want a stylish font and icons can also choose what they want. The fonts will create unique appearance when they start typing the text and titles. The border effects can also add to the creativity of the users. Stitches, torn paper, and shadows are examples of the effects on the library builder.

    When it comes to safety, parents don’t need to worry because they can still monitor the website of their kids. DoodleKit comes with efficient feature designed for advanced security wherein specific and selected people can have an access to the web pages.
After knowing important details on how to create a website, the kids can enjoy doing activities online such as:
Blogging- through the free website created, kids can start writing whatever ideas and topics they want to share. When writing becomes a hobby, young minds will be broaden. Advanced skills in writing will allow the kids to do essays in school.
Image galleries- Just like the social media; a website through DoodleKit makes it possible for kids to post photos during their field trips and weekend activities. The kids can also introduce their family members and friends through uploading photos with them.
File uploading- aside from photos, school documents can also be uploaded by the kids. Whenever they have group projects and assignment in school, their classmates can easily coordinate with the progress.

With the advancement of technology, everything is possible nowadays. Even creating a website for free can be done through several tools and applications that are available online. After few minutes, kids can already have their own website.

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