How to Create a Website for Games

Technology is now invading the generation. Most of the generation today is fond of online activities such as Facebook, Youtube, Tweeter, Instagram and even online games that can be downloaded in various gadgets. But most of us are only interested in playing those game applications not knowing how it is created or where those games came from. What is game website? Do you want to know how to create a website for games?
A game website is a site where in you can find out different games that is suitable in your personalities. In game website, you can easily find what kind of game you want to play or download in your gadgets. There are many game website you can visit every time you are looking for a new game; some of this are the Yahoo Games, Y8, Pogo, Miniclip, BigFishGames, Zynga, Addicting Games and many more. But how this kind of website is created?
Here are some steps in making your own Game Website:
1.    Create a trial website
In this step you will need to make your own Premium website. What does it mean? In this step the Premium websites comes with flash block that is used so that the games will be inserted. It also has the Widget block for you to insert the games that is offered by the game editors. You can also put what kind of name you want on your website and you can decide what design you want on your website. You have the power to decide what will your website looks like. Putting design according to your preference will help to attract website visitor.
2.    Add free games in your website.
After creating your site, you can now add free games. You can offer two types of games.
Flash Games
If you receive a flash video game one by email or found on the internet, all you have to do is to use the Flash block and send in the SWF format. You can place these games anywhere on the page of your site and you can adjust the size on what you prefer.  on what you prefer. You can also create your own flash game and put it on your website to attract visitors and they will be able to play it online

Games Widgets
Making this, you can group on your website all the game widget you want. You can categorize the different games in your website and it will help the visitors in your website choose the game they are looking for.

3.    Offer paid Games on your website
After you put free games in your site, you can now offer paid games on your website. In this step, you can restrict your access in some games in your website by using paid pages. The player will buy the code for the game he/ she wanted to play.

That is all.  You already have your gaming Website. It’s so easy to create your own site. The only thing that you need to do is to following the steps on how to create a website for games.

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