How to Create A Website:  For Beginner

A Web site is an interrelated gathering of World Wide Web files that contains a starting file called a home page. An alternative word and less often used word for Web site is "Web presence." The term seems to better define the idea that a site is not tied to precise geographic location but somewhere in the virtual world. Nevertheless, web site is still the most commonly used.  
If you are a beginner and you want to make your own website but you don’t how, listed below are steps on how to create a website.
Steps in Making a Website
1.    Get a Domain Name- this is the first thing you should do when you thing of making a website. This is going to be your website’s name. In getting a domain, you need to pay a yearly fee to the administrator to allow you to use that name. Getting a name doesn’t mean that you already get a website it’s just like registering your business in the online world.  It is very important because when people look for a website, they search it by name. In the world of internet, it really pays to have a name that will reflect to your site.

Branded Name Domains vs Generic Name

 Domain name should match your brand name, this is the first thing that people will search on their browser because it can easily be remembered and whatever thing that is easy to remember can be easily tried out than the doubtful one.

Short or Long Domain Names

There are appears to be disagreement on which one is better the short or long domain. Others says that that having a shorter domain name is an advantage because it’s not just easy to remember but also easy to type and less vulnerable to mistakes. Some also argue that for the human memory it more easy to remember longer domain names. These opinions are actually hypothetical. If you plan to get a short domain name, make sure that it combines a meaningful character and not the complicate one. Long domain names has also its advantage because they fare restored in the search engines.

2.    Select a Web Host and Sign Up to an Account – a web host is company that has numerous Internet connected computers. When you put your web page to their computers, everyone can able to connect and view them.  You are required to sign up your account connected to the webhost for your website to have a home.
3.    Designing Your Web page – As soon as you have settled your webhost and domain name, the next thing is designing of the website itself.  
4.    Test your website- this is done through the web design process. You have to test you web page design in the main browser the Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. All of these browsers are free of charge. Unfortunately, your direct test to these browsers is the only way you can make sure, that it will work in your visitor’s machine the way you want it.
5.    Collecting Credit Card Information or Making Money-, you need to collect credit card information if you are going to sell services or products.
6.    Get your Website Noticed- when you website is ready, submit it to the search engines like Bing and Google. Aside from submitting your site to search engines you can also consider promote using advertisements or the word of mouth.
Though the above guides are not complete but it is a refinement of some important steps on how to create a website and how a beginner can get started.

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