How to Build a Website Using WordPress

Some would freak out on how they can make their own website. Here are the most easy and convenient ways on how to create a website using WordPress.  This is intended for beginners like you, giving you step-by-step process from the very beginning.
STEP 1: Register your own domain name. But first you need to know if what is a domain name? This is the name you want to give to your own website. Take your time in doing this because the name you choose becomes your brand name. Once you register it, you can’t change it anymore. To have a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee. When you get your domain name, you will also get your personal email account.
STEP 2:  You now have to choose a web hosting for your website. A web host is basically the company or service provider that connects your site to the internet. It provides you with space to create web pages, email addresses, security and many more. Once you owned your own hosting, it will make sure that your website load up quickly.
STEP 3:  It’s time to get your website operate. After you choose your domain name and web host, it is time now to install WordPress. There are sites that will provide you ways on how to get a free WordPress. WordPress is totally free. It comes with beautiful designs and extremely beginner-friendly.
On the contrary, if you prefer manual installing, here are the steps:
•    Download WordPress installation software.  Remember to always download and install the latest version of WordPress.
•    Upload WordPress to your hosting account. The most convenient way is to upload the installation files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you want the WordPress to be your main for your website, your files should exist in the public_html folder of your account.
•    Create a MySQL Username and Database for WordPress to use.  Make sure you write down the database username and password you’ve created. Remember because you need that information for the installation process for your website;
•    Get through the installation process. Just make sure that you will be kept guided with the instructions and direction as you go through with the installation.
•    You are now done installing your WordPress application. Just click the log in button to gain access to your administrative files and start surfing in your new website.

STEP 4:  After installing wordpress in your website, point your browser to your, sign in and start building your website.
Log in to your WordPress dashboard to have full access to over 1500 themes. You can now start choosing your preferred theme. You don’t want to look like everyone else right? Once you have your own theme, click install followed by activate. Insert your content and click Publish.

Now, you won’t be asking yourself on how to create a website. It’s really easy as it is. If you followed the steps and guide given above, you should have a handy WordPress website!

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