Creating a Website using HTML

It can be considered as an achievement when you are able to create a website whether for personal use or for the benefits of other people. There are varied ways in order for a person to have his or her own website. One of the great s upon creating a website is thru the use of HTML. It may be possible to develop a website without making use of HTML but you need to expect inevitable problems regardless of webpage editor you will use.
In this article, you will learn how to create a website thru the HTML in order for you to avoid possible problems that may come in your way. These are just simple and basic steps that will allow you to create a website from scratch.
Step 1: Understand the idea about HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is a coding language which makes web-pages. In order to get familiar with this, simply visit the Google Chrome simply press the F12. You are able to see the code in that page, and that is what you call as HTML. The code is identify as what the browser sees and interprets it as a web-page.
Step 2: Making an initial web page as simple as possible: if you did not follow this you will definitely get overwhelmed with script languages and syntax.
Step 3: Look for “start” followed by “programs” and finally the “accessories”: simply click the notepad and it is easier to use. By the time you choose your HTML language, whatever you write will automatically be connected in different colors. It that way, this will be easier for you to make possible corrections.
Step 4: Telling the browser the kind language to be used: you simply type <html>, being its first tag which tells in the computer that you are starting the web-page. it will be ended also by typing: <>. It means that the web page has already ended.
Step 5: Adding a heading of a certain page.
Step 6: Giving the page its own title.
Step 7: Working into the body or content of the web-page.
Step 8: Writing some of the text in between the given body tags.
Step 9: Adding some pictures with the HTML code as <img src=”URL”> with a closing tag of:. Thus it can also be an option.
Step 10: Checking in order to make sure that the entire tags are properly closed.
Step 11: Saving the work – this is possible by going clicking save as while putting a filename extension such as testfile.html. Then you may choose text or all files under a file type. This will not work if those two things will not be done.
As you can see, every step is very simple to follow. There is no need for you to experience complexity just to create your website. Inspite of its simplicity, it is very effective and useful on how to create a website.  If you want to have your own website, check out the above given steps and do it thru HTML.

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