Create your Own Social Media Website

 Social media is now dominating in the online world. Many of us are now involved in different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Social media is very popular nowadays and social media is helping us in having efficient communication with other people working or living abroad. It also serves as a connection in meeting new people. Social Media is also a way to promote business online. But how to create a website like a social media website.
 If you want to create your own social website, here are some steps and tips on how to create a website:
1.    Draft your plan- You must plan first on how you will make your own website. In this step, you must set your goal that you want to achieve in making your own website. You must also consider the possible visitor you want. Remember planning is important.
2.    Make a Name- after planning for your site you can establish a name for your own site. Choosing a name is a very important factor you must consider in making your own site. The name of your website will help to attract visitor that will browse your website.
3.    Provide a Budget- creating your own website is not a joke, you must consider the expenses in creating your own site to make it possible.
4.    Hire a staff- to create a website you must seek help to others especially to those who are good in programming and designing a site. Hire some people and pay them well so they will do their job efficiently.
5.    Program your site- after the planning and preparing of your dream website, now you can now program your site according to what your team has planned. In this step, you have the power to decide what will be the looks of your website, you can choose what will be the content of your site, what will be the design for it and what will be the features you want for your website.
6.    Market and promote your site- in this step, you should plan what will be your marketing strategy to promote your site to invite and attract possible buyer. You should make a good marketing strategy to sell your website to your possible buyer.
7.    Sell your website – now if the marketing promotion has been done successfully, you will surely attract possible buyer who are interested to your website. You have the power to decide with the price you want for your website.
8.    Wait for your profit-after selling your site, it is out for the web browser, all you have to do is seat back, relax and wait for your profit.
9.    Go to a vacation- after the hard time on how to create a website of your own, now it’s time for you to relax, free your mind from all stress you got in making your own site. It will be the time to treat you for a job well done.
These steps and tips will help you to on how to create your own website. It was so easy, if you follow this step, you will have your website and at the same time, you are earning if your site is buy and out online.

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