Building a Website through HTML
Though you can build website even without the knowledge in HTML, there are still problems that might come along the way whatever webpage editor you are using.  Many informative websites out there teach ways on how to create a website through HTML.   Here are basic introduction for you to have an idea on what it is all about:
•    You must know and understand what HTML is.
HTML or also known as Hyper Text Markup Language is a kind of coding language that generates web pages. If you want to see what it really look like, then why not try to go your web browser, and then right click so you can pick “View Source”.  You are going to see then codes. That is what you call HTML.
•     Make your first web simple.
Chances are you are going to be overwhelmed of the script languages and syntax that you will find here. It is necessary to remember that you are going to write information between the closing and opening HTML tag.
•    Go to “Start”, look for Programs then “Accessories”. Choose “Notepad”. But it is much better if you are going to use Notepad ++. This will give you hints through colour coding. This way you can automatically correct your mistakes.
•     You must identify and let the browser know what  you are using
You must type <html> so that the web browser can determine that you are starting out a web page. Of course, you also need to put a closing tag like this </html>.
•     Add a heading and title
You should put your web page a title for standard purposes. It is an essential thing since it will provide your users idea what is your page all about. In addition to this, when then users used the bookmark feature, this title is what they are going to see in their list.     The code for the title tag is <title>. Then, close it with the tag of </title>.  It is written on the tab of the browser so never expect that you can find these on web pages.
•    Start working out for the body of the page
Write the opening tag for the body which is <body>. Then after that close it with </body>. You can now start adding information between these tags for your web page. If you want to add background colour for the web page, simply add style. Type <body style=”Background-color:pink”>. Those words inside the quotation marks are called as “attributes”. Take note that it is important that they must be surrounded of quotation marks.   
•    Begin writing within the body tags
In order for your text to go to the next line such as, type <br>. Do you like to add some marquee style or lines of words that goes along on the screen of your computer or laptop? Simply add <marquee> Text here </marquee>.
•    Put some pictures
Well, it is nice if you are going to place some appropriate picture or images into your webpage. Add the HTML code for images which is <img src=”URL”>
•    Then save your work
Choose on your file the “save as”, then place your desired filename along with the html extension. Select the text or all files. Then, there you have it.  You now know how to create website with HTML.

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