Beginner’s Guide in Creating a Website

 Well, you must be one of those individuals who realize that creating website is much exciting and easier than anyone else could expect with it.  You wouldn’t need to hire some professional people. The following is a helpful guide on how to create a website most especially if you are just a beginner:
•    Decide what kind of website you want
You might don’t know but there are different kinds of website you can build. You can choose from content sites, membership, ecommerce and many more.
•     Pick the best platform so you can start building your own website
Prior in choosing colour schemes as well as domain names, you have to decode first what platform you are going to use.  If you are going back during 2004, most of the website was being built through HTML codes, Flash and CSS. You need to spend more time so you can learn and it is little tricky mastering it. This is the reason behind why people often think that creating website all from scratch is really difficult.  But today, drag and drop website builder already existed such as Wordpress. You can learn about it even though you don’t have technical knowledge in coding.
•     Select you web hosting and domain name for your site
In order to have a new and intuitive website online, you will need two things such as hosting and a domain name.
 There are platforms around which is free however the domain name as well as hosting will require you to pay for about $3 to $4 per month. When you have your own domain name, it will look more professional than borrowing other’s domain name.  Also, this is also affordable.  In addition to this, won hosting will also let your site to load fast and will never go down. This is important most especially when you do have visitors on your page. One of the most recommended domain registrar and web hosting is www. . They do have excellent customer service and their services are affordable. There’s no harm if you are going to check them out.
•     Set up your website
When you already bought your own domain name and set everything with hosting, you are now on your way to achieve your goal. This is the best time to set your site and make it run. If you are suing Wordpress website, you can choose on the two ways on installation. First one is click-installation. Most of the well-established and reliable hosting companies have integrated the 1-click-installation particularly with the Wordpress. And the second one is the manual installation. If you don’t have this one-click install feature.
•     Test your sites
As soon as you already applied your knowledge on how to create a website, you must do the usability testing. This can be done through asking some of your friends or family to try your site. Provide them some specific jobs such as “edit their profile” or buy something. Just watch them closely. By doing this, you can see the areas that needs improvement.    


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