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What are Font Awesome Icons

FontAwesome is a font and icons toolkit based on CSS and LESS. Font Awesome Icons are renowned throughout the world and a lot of web designers & developers use them. We at Simunity managed to bring you this great free Icon Maker with FontAwesome by using this online software. Using icons in your website is a basic thing, using them makes your website more appealing for users due to the fact that it's more intuitive.

To use FontAwesome you don't have to possess any kind of coding skills. It is easy to comprehend and is designed to make it usable by anybody who wants. In the next post we are going to explain exactly how to make Font Awesome icons, so meanwhile we are going to talk about what are the common uses of icons and why do we need them.

 Icons are an HTML element which you can find on almost every website. They are used for many things (as you can see inside the red square): 

• To separate text content from one another. 


• You can use them as Social Network directories. This way, users will enter your different Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages that they would never encounter without the icons. Luckily for us Font Awesome Icons have Social Network Icons. 


• You can use Icons to make payment icon. 


• To use them as inner navigation button. 


• Connect the icon to your mail address. 


Icons are a vital part of web design. It can be scary at the beginning but with Font Awesome Icons, you will be able to take another step in web design.