How to create a website for teachers?

All people should adapt the new trends of technology especially the teachers. Teacher should be very advanced compared to their students because it is a little bit shameful on their part.
One way to adapt this is to create a website. This is not necessary for all teachers to make this; however this will really help them in the teaching process.
In creating a website for teachers, there is a TeacherWeb that is considered as the leading provider of websites for teachers’ use in the classroom and other people related to teaching. This is fully easy to use and customizable. Teachers can easily create and continuously update their TeacherWeb sites. They do not need to have background knowledge of the HTML.
There are many reasons why teachers or educators need to be familiar on how to create a website. First, it is a very easy way to meet the students’ needs who have special needs. This is because they will have access to notes, review materials, specific assignment details and clear instructions. Second, you as a teacher can make your class complete with all the materials you need. Third, a website for teacher can keep you organized. If a teacher has the time to post and reflect on what happens in his classroom, he will develop a more clear and effective plan for his students etc.
This will be a great help for teachers to create a website. Here are the following ways that a teacher can follow in making a website:
a.    Choose the website building platform that is best. Before thinking on the domain names, color schemes, you have to decide first on the website builder. One of the best website builders in the world is the WordPress. It is very great to be used because it is free, it is beginner friendly, it is powerful, it is mobile friendly and there is a huge community who will help you when you need it.
b.    The next way is the process of choosing a domain name and finding a great hosting for your website. To get a website, there are two things   that you need like a domain name. A domain name is your web address and a hosting. Hosting is a service that connects your website to the internet. You have to pay in choosing a domain name and a hosting. Before buying a domain name, you should think that it should be suited to your purpose.
c.    Set up your WordPress website. When you already have a domain name and set up your hosting, you have to install the WordPress. There is a way in installing the WordPress. First, click installation. Most of the reliable hosting company has click-installation so this is very easy to do. It is already programmed on the web hosting.

Since everyone does not want his website look like everyone else. You need a theme. This is a design template that is already programmed in the WordPress. This will tell the WordPress how your website will look like. Thus, the steps on how to create a website for teachers will help them in their classroom instruction.  

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